About Me

Friends and soon to be friends,

Thanks for dropping by! My name is Aleah, and I aspire to make this blog a place where you can kick back and learn something new. My two loves are writing and helping others–so hopefully I bring a lot of love around here.

I grew up on a farm in Kansas, where I spent a lot of evenings under watercolor sunsets and nights under clear starry skies. Nowadays, I live in Lawrence, KS where I attend the University of Kansas. I fill my free time with exploring new places, trying new restaurants, and taking my dog everywhere she’s allowed.

Hopefully you gain something new during your stay–new knowledge, new insight, or maybe a new perspective. Acquiring any of the above is a success in my book.


I’d be more than happy to hear your comments, suggestions, or thoughts. Please feel more than welcome to reach out to me!




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