College Apartment Tour

college apartment tour

Wow, can life drastically change in a matter of weeks or what?? I’m happy to say my life has changed in a positive direction! By that, I mean school has started. I’m starting my sophomore (?) year at the University of Kansas, and I’m so excited for the semester to get into full swing.

One of the best parts of this year? I’m out of the dorms, finally! I’ve moved into my first apartment, and LOVE it. Having my own bathroom is truly a blessing. Though my posting schedule may slow down, my goal is to produce higher quality content for you to read. Quality over quantity, right?

So for my first post back to school, I wanted to show you guys my apartment! I hope you love it as much as I do!

The theme for my bedroom that I was going for was sophisticated, but cozy. I chose industrial-style lamps and a metal marquee initial, as well as having other gold/silver/bronze elements throughout my room. To make it cozier, I added a fluffy rug and some personal elements, such as the dreamcatcher, world map, and “You got this!” wall art, which I thought was a perfect touch considering I’m a college student.

college apartment bedroom

One space I’m still debating on is my desk area. With limited surface area, it’s easy to want to put a lot of things there. A good rule of thumb when it comes to studying is working in an uncluttered area that isn’t distracting. At the moment, I have my writing utensil container, a container for random office supplies, and flowers from my boyfriend. (If you’re wondering about the clay head, that was a project for my Honors final last year!) I also recently added a desk calendar to stay organized.

college apartment tour

college apartment tour

Staying organized in college is HUGE, guys! It is so easy to forget about an assignment or fall behind in studying for an exam. It’s even easier to forget about meetings or other important dates! I highly recommend not only having a desk calendar, but also investing in a whiteboard. (Chalkboards are also cute, but just keep in mind the chalk residue!) Visually seeing what I have to do in the day is huge for me to stay on top of things.

I also use a cork board to keep random papers that I consider important/special, and as you can see, I use half of it to display my dangly earrings! I use thumbtacks to hold them up, and think it looks great! Can you tell what else is new in my life? Hint hint on my next post that’s coming up!!

college apartment tour

For most of my other beauty-related items, I have a little nook in my room that I store them. I use hooks to hold all my necklaces and bought a tall cabinet from Ikea a couple years ago. At that time, my dad was helping me build it, and we accidentally built it upside down… oops. In my cabinet I keep all of my makeup in the clear acrylic drawer containers, my makeup brushes in holders, and my lotions on the bottom drawer. This is another space I’m still playing with, as I’m not completely happy with the organization going on here.

college apartment tour

I did decide to reorganize the top of my dresser to make it more visually appealing. In the left container I store my stud earrings and rings. The right container has headbands, cotton balls, Q tips, and my false lashes. I used to keep my perfume in the upright cabinet, but thought they were too pretty to hide away! Now I use them to help liven up the space.

college apartment tour

So far, I absolutely love apartment life. Having my own space is so important to me, and it makes it a dream to come home after a long day and relax. I have a lot of plans in mind for my room, so it’s not quite done yet! My list of things to accomplish include…

  1. Reorganize my “beauty nook” so it’s more practical and appealing to look at
  2. Maximize my storage options (under the bed, in the closet)
  3. Create a canopy for my bed and hang string lights

Last year I had a canopy with lights in my dorm bed, and absolutely LOVED it! Here’s a picture of what my bed space looked like in the dorms! The postcards are from my grandma’s travels while she was younger, and are very sentimental to me. Locations include Australia, Thailand, Egypt, China, and dozens more. It was like a travel inspiration wall!

college apartment tour

If anyone has any suggestions on making a bed canopy, please let me know! I’m still brainstorming to figure out the easiest way to build one without damaging walls or costing a lot of money.

Have a great day everyone!



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